he Sultanate of Oman, an Arabic country situated in West Asia. Oman is a very disciplined country with vast culture. From a tourist point of view, Oman is a great country to visit. If you would ask me to describe Oman in a statement then I would like to say “Oman is a complete package for a tourist”.

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There are dozens of Oman tour operators with their respective Oman tour packages, but no-one will describe Oman’s beauty.

 Why Oman is a complete package of Enjoyment?

  • While traveling to some country we often desire to get a safari ride, get a chance to relax on a beach and to witness endangered species but all our desires get fulfilled in a very few cases. Oman is one of the travel destinations that will fulfill all your desires.
  • In Oman, you will witness Green Turtles that are very rare on Earth.
  • Vast Coastline, thus dozens of beaches to relax and enjoy.
  • Hot and Dry climate with fine particles of land in hand is a dream and Oman’s deserts will make them a reality.

I hope now you have decided that your next travel destination will be Oman only. Well, in this article I will be discussing the major things that you should be familiar or known to before planning a trip to Oman.

 Food and Drinks 

In Oman, you can easily get chicken, beef or any nonveg cuisine, apart from this due to its huge diversity, if you are vegetarian then also you can easily locate your desired dish. Alcohol won’t be available on any local store, in order to consume alcohol, you have to either visit the Bar or any international Hotel.


Internet and Electricity

If you are traveling from Asian countries and then Internet Speed will be faster than your home grounds but though it is not super-fast. Apart from this, to charge your electronic gadgets through the power supply, you have to use G type adapters.



If you have USD then you can easily convert your USD to local currency (Oman Rial) from any foreign currency exchange center but if you have some other currency then you have to visit the authorities to get them converted. Or one alternative is you can ask your Oman Tour Operator for exchange centers.


 You will get different Smells 

Oman is a home of Frankincense which is used to spread fragrance in a particular region. Every house will similar to each other. You will feel relaxed with the royal fragrance. Thus, you will love the vibes of Oman.



These were some basic things that you need to know in order to have a safe and entertaining journey in the coming days. If you want to explore more Oman virtually then, you can refer to the Oman Safari Tours website. On this website, you will get experts to help you out in all possible ways. Apart from this, keep all your worries at your home and leave for Oman.


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